Talem is a unique secure cloud based platform built for insurance and healthcare professionals. The platform delivers data driven insights forecasting risk, expenditure and promoting portfolio growth in real-time.


Machine learning technology analyzing claim length and recovery.

Empower insurance professionals with real time metrics to enhance decision making and analyze risk.


Automation of workflow to improve efficiency and communication.

Collaborative communication platform designed for insurance professionals and clinicians.


High level insights to optimize profitability.

Analytics to provide insights on portfolio risk and profitability for executive teams.

Motor Vehicle Sector
  • Analytics providing insights on claim length
  • Risk stratification analytics for rapid triaging
  • Collaboration tools enhancing efficiency of workflow
  • High level insights on predicted claim cost
Orthopedic Sector
  • Analysis of resource allocation for recovery post surgery
  • Robust data insights on recovery timeframe
  • Enhanced decision making for othropeadic rehabilitation
Industrial Sector
  • Automation tools enhancing claim triaging
  • Collaboration channels optimizing efficiency of workflow
  • Analytics measuring resource allocation