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Talem Health Analytics bridges clinical expertise with technology to proactively assess bodily injury claims.

Our Services at a Glance

Innovative services produce intelligent results.

Digital medical analysis

Analysis at the onset of a claim develops a personalized treatment plan and recovery model. Enabling the insurance company to ensure:

  • Correct diagnosis
  • Effective treatment plan
  • Expectation of recovery and timeline.
AI Case Management

Delegate resources and efficiently manage the claim from the start with the power of AI:

  • Real time set of injury, crash and treatment recommendations
  • Risk analysis.
  • Recovery predictions

Action items are updated in real time ensuring the claim stays on the correct path from day one.

Expert clinical and crash analysis

This service combines deep insight of strain placed on the body during the crash with evidence based rehabilitation models and state of the art data science. Expert review provides a collaborative in-depth personal touch to digital health.

Talem Health Platform

A process you're used to, with results you're not.

  • Onboarding

    Bringing a personal touch to technology. Providing each customer with a customized tool kit creating influential insight into areas of the claim that provide the largest problems. We can perform all of this with minimal disruption to your daily operation.

  • Data Collection

    Seamless integration of data can occur in one of two simple ways. A direct access API plugin for providing instant data communication. Or a cloud based platform where documentation and communication can be securely uploaded.

  • Analysis

    Proprietary algorithms construct scoring systems on the areas that are most financially influential to the claim.

  • Results

    Real time notifications occur on the claim providing actionable insights on the crash, injury severity, treatment recommendations, and clinic performance.

Powering the future of


The insurance industry has a problem of uncontrollable litigation, fraud, and diagnostics but also unwarranted treatment, inflated billing and no-value added treatment. With the guidance of field expertise, AI and machine learning Talem Health can reduce the impact of these variables resulting in significant reductions of claim cost without sacrificing patient care. Whether it’s motor vehicle, workers compensation or personal health coverage, Talem Health analytics can provide the benchmarking tools to help reduce claims cost.