Talem is innovating the claims management process by placing in-depth scientific injury analysis at the insurers’ fingertips from the start of a claim. Easily understand injury likelihood, suitable treatment protocols, and recovery timeline to make data-informed claim management decisions promoting an efficient claims cycle and better customer experience.

Make early & informed claim management decisions with upfront insights

At the start of a claim, we provide insurers with the data they need to gain insights into suitable treatment for optimal customer outcomes and efficient claims lifecycles.

Our AI enabled injury analysis platform delivers insurers insights into possible injuries, treatment protocol, and recovery timeline to better inform claim management and reserve settings. Assign, manage, and settle claims with confidence.

Redefine customer experience with an injury-centric approach

By gaining an early understanding of your customer’s situation and the injuries they are experiencing, you gain trust as a reliable, informed, and transparent partner in their time of need.

Talem’s innovative car crash analysis and biomechanical review provides insurers with the evidence they need to determine the most suitable next move early in the claim.

Evidence-based expert review through our network of medical professionals

Improve clinical decision-making and accelerate claim resolution by blending expertise with technology, an approach proven to streamline claims processes and improve medical decisions.

Talem provides medical experts with the context they need to diagnose and confirm medical necessity. Our detailed biomechanical insights reduce the need for multiple reviews.

Save time with our quick and easy referral system

Reduce time spent on claims with our 5-minute referral system.

With no integrations required, our powerful AI-enabled injury analysis platform simply needs car crash photos and basic claim information to provide you with the dynamic injury narrative you need to make early and accurate decisions.


Talem is now part of Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution Alliance Program to make it quick and easy for insurers to benefit from forensic data-driven injury insights and recommendations.

Claims Management Services

Timely and appropriate claims information enable insurers to proactively manage and provide a clear path to improved claim outcomes. Talems’ end to end injury causation services provides the right injury and medical necessity information at the right time. Contact us now to start your first notice of loss with a Biomechanical review or consult with an industry expert to determine which services best suit your needs.


Biomechanical Review

Gain early insight into crash severity and injury concerns soon after an incident has occurred.

  • Reduce claim touch-time with concise forensic and diagnosis intelligence.
  • Predict complex claims earlier with injury review and recovery estimates.
  • Reveal relationships between situational factors and potential exposures.
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Electronic Medical Review (EMR)

Audit treatment recomendations and review claim legitmacy with professional experience.

  • Evaluate proposed recovery for appropriateness and cost accuracy.
  • Validate treatment frequency and progress towards claimant rehabilitation.
  • Improve customer experience with effective recovery suggestions.
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File Review

Make confident decisions to resolve a claim without requiring a medical exam.

  • Understand the history of progress over the lifecycle of a claim.
  • Resolve indiscrepencies between incident evidence and on-going treatment.
  • Address complex or long-running claims with data-driven conclusions.
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Independent Medical Examination (IME)

In-person examination of claimant with comparison to incident and medical records.

  • Arrange for direct assessment of the injured individual by a medical professional.
  • Confirm early insights with diagnosis scrutiny and treatment review.
  • Reduce need for multiple exams through early information sharing.
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