Simplify crash, medical, and billing information so you can make the right decision at the right time. This is Talem AI.

Make informed decisions earlier

Injury claims can be complex, but they don't have to be. From day one of a claim, with a single image, Talem provides an injury analysis so you can assign, reserve, manage and settle claims with confidence.

Save time working smarter

A simple drag and drop of files is enough for Talem's Virtual Assistant to streamline the service approval process. The Virtual Assistant analyzes documents, and provides the necessary information and service recommendations while eliminating costly referral time.

Speed up and modernize claims processes

Improve consistency and significantly reduce the time taken to process payment of medical bills and identify fraud with intelligent rules. Start with Talem's base rules, customize thresholds to what works for you, or even create your own.

Medical Expertise optimized by AI

Talem has mastered the approach of layering technology with medical expertise to provide you with end-to-end support of your injury claims with fast, reliable, and defensible information.



Claims Management Services

To manage claims the right way you need the right information with consistency as fast as possible. With Talem AI you get the best of technology and expertise to help understand the claim and what services you need.


Virtual Assistant

Assist adjusters to make the right decision at the right time.

  • Drag and drop referrals
  • AI-driven service recommendations
  • Single-step approval
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Use of the Virtual assistant has been shown to reduce adjuster time requesting 3rd party services by 90%


Biomechanical Review

Gain early insight into crash severity and injury concerns soon after an incident has occurred.

  • Reduce claim touch-time with concise forensic and diagnosis intelligence.
  • Predict complex claims earlier with injury review and recovery estimates.
  • Reveal relationships between situational factors and potential exposures.
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Electronic Medical Review (EMR)

Audit treatment recomendations and review claim legitmacy with professional experience.

  • Evaluate proposed recovery for appropriateness and cost accuracy.
  • Validate treatment frequency and progress towards claimant rehabilitation.
  • Improve customer experience with effective recovery suggestions.
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File Review

Make confident decisions to resolve a claim without requiring a medical exam.

  • Understand the history of progress over the lifecycle of a claim.
  • Resolve indiscrepencies between incident evidence and on-going treatment.
  • Address complex or long-running claims with data-driven conclusions.
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Independent Medical Examination (IME)

In-person examination of claimant with comparison to incident and medical records.

  • Arrange for direct assessment of the injured individual by a medical professional.
  • Confirm early insights with diagnosis scrutiny and treatment review.
  • Reduce need for multiple exams through early information sharing.
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