Talem is innovating the auto insurance claims management process and redefining customer care by combining clinical expertise, forensic science, and artificial intelligence into one platform.

The Talem injury analysis platform is powered by a proprietary rules engine inspired by forensic reconstruction that determines what injuries are likely based on the forces of the accident and occupant movement.

By quickly and accurately assessing injury severity, verifying diagnosis, and providing suitable treatment and recovery models, Talem provides the timely scientific insights insurers need to make better decisions, reach claim resolution faster, and improve customer outcomes.

We partner with auto insurance and claim management companies to power an accelerated claims lifecycle and better customer outcomes.

Talem Leadership Team

We founded Talem because we believe that providing insights into injuries early in an insurance claim lifecycle will not only benefit insurers, but will help put customer care first.

We are a group of passionate and dedicated individuals focused on building technology that helps insurers accelerate the claim lifecycle and redefine customer care by understanding injuries through the science of how people move.

Paul Travis

CEO, Co-Founder

Paul’s professional career started in the clinical sector as a physiotherapist. With an interest in analytics and big data, Paul’s passion for clinical research transitioned to the technology sector. Holding a MSc in Physiotherapy from Glasgow Caledonian University, his primary focus is facilitating a strong research and development strategy.

Matthew Kay

COO, Co-Founder

Kinesiology and Physical Therapy were the start of Matthew’s clinical career and interaction with insurance. With a fascination of research, innovative treatments and technologies improving client outcomes, Matthew refocused these efforts applying them to the insurance industry. Matthew’s main focus now is creating strong customer relationships, software and technology that problem solves to the root cause of its customer. Ultimately the goal is advancing healthcare without compromising quality.

Talem’s Mission

Talem’s mission is to provide insurance professionals with technology to emulate the rapidly changing insurance industry. Our principal focus is raising the bar of medical treatment, improving data analytics within healthcare, and promoting collaboration and growth for insurance companies. Researching both clinical and technology parameters is one of Talem’s core competencies, delivering evidence-based and cost-effective solutions.