Driven by the challenges and inefficacies during daily injury management, coupled with a market that couldn't satisfy the growing demand for technology-related injury solutions we got to work.

Talem was inspired by Artificial Intelligence and the potential of creating significant context and injury insights from single images or documents. It is exciting to see how the vision has come to life, developing proprietary image recognition technologies, rules, and models inspired by forensic reconstruction, biomechanics, and physical rehabilitation. We are providing timely scientific insights insurers need to make better decisions, reach claim resolution faster, and improve customer outcomes.

Talem Leadership Team

We founded Talem because we believe that providing insights into injuries early in an insurance claim lifecycle will not only benefit insurers, but will help put customer care first.

We are a group of passionate and dedicated individuals focused on building technology that helps insurers accelerate the claim lifecycle and redefine customer care by understanding injuries through the science of how people move.

Paul Travis

CEO, Co-Founder

Paul’s professional career started in the clinical sector as a physiotherapist. With an interest in analytics and big data, Paul’s passion for clinical research transitioned to the technology sector. Holding a MSc in Physiotherapy from Glasgow Caledonian University, his primary focus is facilitating a strong research and development strategy.

Matthew Kay

COO, Co-Founder

Obsessed with why and how things work and never satisfied with the status quo, Matthew repurposed his passion for Physical Therapy and injury causation towards a bigger purpose, innovation. With a goal to apply state-of-the-art technologies to improve the way we understand injuries and how to manage them in a way that provides better outcomes for everyone. Matthew now works on process improvement, strategy, development, and implementation of AI/ML solutions.

Talem’s Mission

Talem’s mission is to arm the industry with tools and technology that enables a consistent streamlined approach to understanding the accident, injuries, treatment, and medical billing.